Powerful Women 3, Snarky Males 0

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I am beginning to really enjoy the fact that a bunch of male journalists who just love to report on who or what has been done that does not pass muster with them are ‘getting their noses out of joint‘.

Transit Oriented Design has the same flaw that other Liberal/Socialist ideas have where Mass Transit is concerned. Mass Transit is stodgy. It is what ‘people moving‘ looks like when you have the Bolsheviks design it.

The most successful forms of mass transit within the city limits are the light rail we collectively know as the ‘L‘. It works great (most of the time) until it does not. But like most everything else designed to move hundreds of thousands of people it is ‘not nimble‘.

Heck the maintenance and updating of the ‘L‘ lines this past year took forever. And that was merely to upgrade the existing stations that served lines running south and southwest.

Just imagine how horrific things might have been had someone decided to extend the coverage of elevated trains down towards Tinley Park. Yikes. We have almost as bad a track record trying to extend bus coverage that far and no infrastructure changes are required for that.

It is simply that to run even bus lines with some sort of reasonable expectation of ROI you really need to have a sizable and reliable customer base.

Private Sector Development Is Better

There are several trunk lines that enter Chicago and historically they were owned by separate companies. They took the risk to extend and operate lines and they reap what rewards still exist now that the transportation landscape has changed a bit.

But nevertheless you can still get from here to there by taxicab as quickly as most any of the Mass Transit systems. And thanks to the fact that roads actually exist that take you most anywhere your car’s steering wheel can follow you can get to that new job if you have a car.

Building As If It Were A Mass Transit Project

Now someone got the ‘bright idea‘ that if you could look forward to the future when cars would be virtually non-existent and Mass Transit was the new future you could save a great deal of money by not including indoor parking in new buildings.

Of course these same knuckleheads were responsible for the towering high-rise buildings that Public Housing became in the 1950s. And we all know how that ended. Even Cabrini-Green never became the kind of Heaven on Earth that the Bolsheviks imagined. And now for some reason we seem to believe that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these same folks are going to lead us into the their vision of the future. No thanks!

We Need More powerful women like Pritzker and far fewer arrogant Buttheads willing to push us over a cliff on a hunch that like that of the great grandfathers was a bust.