Most Tricycle Deaths Happen When Children Fall into Swimming Pools

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The most common injury type seen in the ER was lacerations (such as cuts, gashes and scrapes), which made up 2,637 of all injuries seen. The most frequently injured body part was the head, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the injuries in the database. In cases of broken bones, children’s arms were more often fractured than their legs, Bandzar said.

The database didn’t include crucial information like whether children were supervised at the time of injury, or if they were wearing protective equipment, Bandzar said. However, he said, helmets and elbow pads could prevent many of the injuries seen in the study.

Modifications to tricycles could help, too, Bandzar and his colleagues wrote in Pediatrics. For example, because many injuries occur when kids turn the front wheel too sharply and tip over, tricycles could be changed so that the wheels didn’t turn as far.

Toy-related injuries are relatively frequent, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission reporting that there were 256,700 emergency room visits related to toy injuries in 2013. However, 96 percent of children injured are treated and released. Toy-related fatalities are rare, with 18 reported in 2011, 16 in 2012 and nine in 2013.