Man biking hits person in crosswalk on the Ave, both seriously injured

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SFD units have left the scene. Police tape still up across the road, however. SPD has 4500 blk of the Ave blocked.

SFD units have left the scene. Police tape still up across the road, however. SPD has 4500 blk of the Ave blocked.

This report from Seattle:

A man in his 20s biking on the Ave collided with a man in his 40s walking in a crosswalk Thursday evening, sending both people to the hospital.

When Medics transported them shortly after 4:30 p.m., the man walking had serious injuries and the man biking was in critical condition.

We send them both our best wishes.

Police say the man on the bike was headed downhill (southbound) on the Ave approaching the mid-block crosswalk between NE 47th and NE 45th Streets. He was passing a stopped bus on the driver’s side and collided with a man walking eastbound in the crosswalk.

Traffic Collision Investigators shut down the area for a while, and their investigation is ongoing. Blood work is still pending, so it it not yet known if impairment was involved.


The report above reminds me in some ways of the collision in the Castro District in SF. The cyclist was racing downhill attempting to beat a Strava record and had to bail as he approached a pedestrian crosswalk. Only in that case a man was killed.

One other thing that seems a bit ‘odd‘ are the reflections on the pavement  in the lower left corner. I think the words ‘Beer‘ and ‘Winos‘ are visible. Is this some sort of joke report?

One commenter left this bit of information:

More commonly a threat from motorists, but that second-vehicle threat is common enough that it’s written into law,

(4) Whenever any vehicle is stopped at a marked crosswalk […], the driver of any other vehicle approaching from the rear shall not overtake and pass such stopped vehicle.

Yet another said what I would have liked to say:

predictable says:

I was on a route 44 bus when I heard Metro issue a driver advisory about this collision. I found this thread when I went looking to find out what had happened. I then registered on SBB to offer a few observations.

I work at the UW and spend a fair amount of time in the U District. Until 2 years ago I commuted by bike, but fell off the wagon, so to speak. I am considering getting back on the bike. I need the exercise.

You see any variety of bikers in the District, and any variety of safe and/or unsafe behaviors. Not sure the UD is unique in that regard, but maybe wins a certain prize?

Sure, for one there are helmet-less — oh, call them “free spirits” — weaving through traffic on The Ave, but then last week I was almost run over *twice* by well-equipped, helmeted guys steaming down the sidewalk on NE Pacific (by Hitchcock Hall) at 20+ MPH. They were both headed east toward UWMC. I had to wonder, are they on their way to save some lives?

Last year, I had two close encounters with Jimmy John’s delivery cyclists who blew through a stop sign and crosswalk. I can more easily understand this. They are not looking to save lives. They just don’t want your sandwich to get soggy. (I am not unaware of the death of JJ “contractors” at the hands of inattentive, left-turning motorists, but that is another sad story) Anyhow, who do I sue if I’m dead?

All of this is to say that I love bicycles, but that I might be slightly embarrassed to be known as a bicyclist. I exaggerate, but the number of cyclists who seem to make up and rationalize their own personal rules of the road as they go along horrifies me.

@Andres Salomon, some of your comments like “Perceived safety trumps laws when people are walking and biking.” really seem like rationalization that is counterproductive. Call it cycling exceptionalism. I am fairly sure that one of the 2 guys who blew by me at Hitchcock hall concluded that *I* was the one with the problem when I cursed them. I mean, *they* had it all under control. Why was that old dude swearing at me?

But as they say: “I was already way too committed to stop”.