How to Fix America’s Bad Bike Infrastructure

Background Reading





With the hoopla being generated over the new Protected Intersection in Davis, CA. I thought it interesting to begin looking backwards in time at what we all thought would be true of bicycle infrastructure versus what we have actually found to be true.

Dearborn Street PBL is very sad indeed. It actually introduced problems that were never there in the first instance. Among those are how pedestrians are to reach their cars without walking in the bike lane? And clearly the bicycle-specific turn signals are problematic for everyone.

Then there is the question of the ‘bike boxes‘ along the route. But rather than belabor their presence, I would like to know whose idea was it to position the pedestrian crosswalk and the bicycle lanes in such a manner as to create such conflict between pedestrians and cyclists?

So once again the real question is, why are we in such a hurry to get more of this same ‘bad food‘? Are we really going to continue to pay top dollar for crappy products like these? It’s a very good thing indeed that most bicycle infrastructure designers do not also build bicycles.