I’m A Bit Confused On ‘For The Good Of The Community’

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Yann Perrod (@YannPerrodIFNB) | Twitt

Yann Perrod (@YannPerrodIFNB) | Twitt


You sometimes here the ‘homers’ for forums talk about the ‘Good of the Urban Cycling Community‘ especially when someone has just made a critical statement about them (from the outside). To ‘protect‘ themselves they often go to some silly lengths to claim that the discussions of the forum actually are the ‘work product‘ of the forum itself. They claim to want and even demand permission to have any of their words cited, quoted or otherwise mentioned.

The you come across a couple of things that are simply mind-boggling. Celebrities like Yann Perrod have their official images commandeered by members of these forums. I doubt that there was any attempt to secure permission to use the images but then again I did not anticipate that there would be.

From what I can gather this is a group that likes to have everyone else behave in a fashion suitable to them, but feel no obligation to do likewise. Makes sense if you feel a huge sense of entitlement.

But How Do You Justify Tearing Down ‘Cycle Commuting’ In Chicago?

I was flabbergasted to read the description being used to describe a certain route into the city from an outlying town. I sorta reminded me of the rather crass musings of a politician running for the US Presidency who spoke some rather unkind words about an ethnic group that they feel is largely composed of rapists if nothing else.

When I read the description of the route I thought to myself several things at once:

  • Were I a newbie I would be alarmed at the prospect of cycle commuting into the City of Chicago.
  • And if that description has racist overtones and there is not a hint of rebuke from the readers of that thread that tells me volumes about the group in general.
  • But using someone else’s official picture to make those statements (which is evidently now the ‘work product‘ of this forum) is quite befuddling. What exactly is the strategy for making the Urban Cycling Community stronger?
  • The statement is question is a bit like telling people that you believe that bicycling is a carefree activity that should not undergo ‘dangerization‘ and then recommending a suit of body armor for your trips into the city.

The Strategies Of The Urban Cycling Community Need A Bit Of Polish

At the very least you could follow your own dictates when it comes to keeping the message of bicycle commuting positive and uplifting. I cannot imagine someone who is the least bit averse to physical violence to their person reading that entry and feeling up for a ride to work this coming Monday.

Take the time to police yourselves as rigorously as you do others. There is simply not much excuse to employ racial keywords that convey a racist view of the city or at least segments of it. Shame on you guys!