The ‘Garbage Journalism’ Crowd Wants A Retraction

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Hearing attendees discuss the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 at the Carter Woodson Library. Photo: John Greenfield


The Chicago Tribune’s reporting ignored the human toll of car crashes at intersections with red light cameras in failing to consider the severity of injuries in right-angle crashes. Image: Wikipedia


I have a great deal of respect for the ‘Old Guard‘ in the Urban Cycling Movement. The League of American Bicyclists have been doing what they do for decades. And I have been a member for at least two decades, probably more.

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

My point is that long before the Bolsheviks took over the Urban Cycling Movement and brought their brand of ‘scorched-earth policy‘ these folks have been ‘keeping the faith‘.

Unless you keep a tight lease on the ‘Rabid-Dog Bolsheviks‘ currently parading around as God’s gift to humanity you will never understand just how utterly out-of-touch some of them can be.

Take For Instance ‘Garbage Journalism’

It turns out that these folks have spent the past year flailing at the likes of the Chicago Tribune for any and all supposed ‘outrages‘. And they decided to pick a fight over the red camera debacle that erupted here in Chicago before the last election.

Why? Well these folks have a ‘hard-on‘ where automobiles are concerned. They really are waging a ‘War on Cars‘. To do that you have to find any and all ways to remove them from the streets (permanently or otherwise) and even go so far as to make it difficult if not impossible for new housing developments to plan for vehicle parking. Really… I am not kidding. They like to call this claptrap ‘Transit Oriented Development‘. I prefer to use the acronym TOAD. I will let you guess which word I chose to fill the ‘A‘ position. (Don’t be shy.)

After going into near apoplexy over the original study done by the Tribune it turns out that a Harvard Study award was given to the Tribune and then the real kick in the pants was that the people who own the company were actually pleading guilty to bribery charges. Sweet!

Did StreetsBlog Do A Retraction?

Well, before you answer that question answer this one, can a man of limited vision and narrow-mindedness ever truly admit to both of those failings?

Instead of bothering with that question, consider the fact that these same folks are now going after LAB for being unwilling or unable to retract support of some data.

And of course the Bolsheviks of Chicago have descended on the discussion, openly wondering how LAB could be so crass as to not admit failure.

But before LAB utters a word, they really ought to ask the StreetsBlog Crowd to follow their own wisdom. Fess up! You were utterly and completely wrong about the Red Light Camera Study and you are certainly wrong about the fine and honest people who drive cars.

You wee Bolsheviks are not taking over. What is however happening is that the masses of pedestrians and drivers who have long been unaware of your bullshit are now taking notice. And when that sort of thing happens, you had better have your bags packed.