70-year-old brutally attacked on Zion bike path

Background Reading

A 70-year-old north suburban woman was attacked on a bicycle path in Zion Thursday morning, police said.

The victim left her home off 30th Street around 6 a.m. to walk along the Robert McClory Bike Path in Zion, according to Zion police.

She was approaching 33rd Street when she spotted a suspicious person who then struck her in the back of the head and twice in the face, police said.

The woman lost several teeth in the attack and was left unconscious, police said.

Police found the victim bleeding near the 3100 block of Galilee Avenue on the bike path.

Anyone with information is asked to call Zion police at (847) 872-8000



Seniors and lone females are among the most vulnerable persons to bicycle-riding assailants. Without benefit of a heightened awareness of your surroundings they can approach you in a nearly silent fashion and accost you from behind. Their getaway is assured by the speed with which they can depart a person on foot. Wearing a hoodie is often enough to insure that their facial characteristics are obscured from security cameras. A simple license plate (or even the absence of one) could help alert people to the presence of a nefarious evil-doer.