Taking the World Naked Bike Ride To The ‘Next Level’

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Blood Rave (Picture: Facebook/Blood Rave)

Blood Rave (Picture: Facebook/Blood Rave)


Say there, boys and girls. Now that we have reached a Critical Mass in terms of World Naked Bike Ride it seems like its time to up the ante a bit. Why not have an after ride get together where we can invite all those folks who have been wondering just what sorts of ‘fun‘ we cyclists can get up to.

For the good of the Urban Cycling Community it is time to offer an activity that is sure to bring in ‘hordes of new blood‘. If watching folks cavort on bikes in the altogether isn’t the best thing ever, now they can stand with us as ‘blood brothers‘.

Pretty soon we will get a reputation for being ‘sorta corny in our tastes‘. But hey if we are ever to triple our numbers we will need to attract the ‘Ozzie and Harriet Crowd‘ too. And this should be just the event to make those approaching the entrance of the kids into high school relax and realize that they have found sanity/normalcy at last.