Tactical urbanism, bicycle rebellion, Right to the City.

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Stand your ground.

Stand your ground.


RebelMetropolis.org is a new website that came to my attention this morning on Facebook. It is probably symptomatic of the frictions being experienced by cyclists with motorists in urban areas.

It would be well-advised for those who claim to be bicycle advocates to understand the evolving nature of the Urban Cycling Movement. Groups like LAB have been struggling with the issues surrounding their original mission, to educate and train the next generation of cyclists.

But as we all know licensing and registration and the training that comes with these is evidently anathema to those who are seeking to adopt cycling as the next basic form of transportation.

Now is the time for the Old Guard to stop and reassess what they need to do. The trend in scofflaw cycling is about to get bumpier still. Adopting an Idaho Stop Law is likely to be a very slippery slope. Motorists are not going to stand by and watch one group get privileges they are not able to access.