The ‘Sense of Entitlement’ Beat Goes On!

Background Reading



A few days ago the SF Wiggle Group pulled a stunt. The idea was to punish the local police authorities for ‘cracking down‘ on them. Their stunt was designed to do what they do every month in SF which is to hold a Critical Mass Ride in which they deliberately hold up traffic in a needless manner.

Today another whine session erupted here in Chicago because a bicyclist felt threatened and harassed by a Mass Transit bus. The gist of this complaint (similar in details to a report from a week or so ago about a cyclist attacking a female bus driver) differs only in terms of the gender of the driver. My hunch would be that the writer of this bit of scam is either cyclist who attacked and fled the scene in the earlier report or he knows who that individual is.

Cyclists are quite territorial. As it turns out they own not just the bike lane but the pedestrian crosswalk as well. If you doubt my assessment just watch the video above titled ‘No Wiggle Just Tickets‘. Here in Chicago I see ‘amber gambling‘ cyclists, head down charging through the ranks of pedestrians legally moving in the crosswalk suddenly invaded by a cyclist determined to get to work early so that he can log into his favorite ‘kvetch thread‘ to complain about the actions of bus drivers and pedestrians.

And if not these two groups, there are always either the people-of-color who ‘salmon‘ in the bike lane or ‘trailer trash‘ who not knowing their place in the world of privilege deign to ‘shoal‘ rather than get in line behind their betters.

This sort of thing goes on incessantly here in Chicago and no doubt everywhere else in America.

Little Sense of Thankfulness

Bicyclists negotiate The Wiggle on Haight Street in San Francisco on Tuesday July 28, 2015. (Special to S.F. Examiner/Natasha Dangond)

Bicyclists negotiate The Wiggle on Haight Street in San Francisco on Tuesday July 28, 2015. (Special to S.F. Examiner/Natasha Dangond)

It seems always the same. Everyone acknowledges that aside from the occasional ‘crackdownUrban Cyclists in America break laws knowingly and defy the authorities until a ‘crackdown‘ occurs. They their stunts are intended to show that if they were to ‘follow the rules‘ it would only inconvenience drivers all the more.

Well, I challenge you to tell me that the video clip of ‘Critical Mass SF‘ gives the impression that the free flow of traffic is any sort of objective on the part of what appears to be rather ‘thuggishly‘ behaving cyclists. They are an embarrassment to me and I hope to themselves, but knowing what these folks are like here in Chicago, I doubt that they will ever ‘connect the dots‘.

You would normally expect a group that has been shown a great deal of lenience to ‘pay it forward‘. You know kind of like when you  reach the cashier and are informed that the person ahead of you has already paid your bill, you feel gratitude and extend the gesture to the person behind you.

That is not at all what is going on in most Urban Cycling Communities. They are far more petty than magnanimous. They will whine incessantly about someone parking in the bike lane but have no problem ignoring explicit requests to honor private property.

Of course anyone even mentioning this sort of behavior online is guilty of being a ‘bicycle hater‘. This notice was from the PitchFork Festival here in Chicago and is frankly par for the course in terms of behavior of cyclists with respect to the Pedestrian Lane.

What Needs To Happen

Cyclists need to rejoin the ‘human race‘. While their politics is often left of Socialists like Bernie Sanders their attitudes and behavior are far more reminiscent of the most strident Tea Party members. Until such times as both these groups drop the ‘self-righteous victim‘ act and instead join the world of ‘mere mortals‘ there really can only continue to be anonymity between them and just about everyone else who uses the roadways in metropolitan cities.