Even A Protected Intersection Requires ‘Complete Stops’

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Hard to explain; simple to use.

Hard to explain; simple to use.

As you might expect there were comments that denigrated the attempt at a Dutch Junction design. It would seem that very little in America ever satisfies Urban Cyclists who are hellbent on using a system like this (or any other for that matter) without ever obeying the simple rules embedded in its design.

As good as the original Dutch design is, you will note that the accompanying video indicates that riders must obey the traffic signals. If they don’t the timing for things like left-hand turns get ‘fouled up‘.

So regardless of the propaganda surrounding the current debate over the Idaho Stop Law, rules are going to have to be followed at some point for ‘good design‘ to actually work.

That is a lesson the Church of Urban Cycling is unlikely to ever learn. The blather about cyclists being unwilling to ‘lose their momentum‘ by coming to full stops is exactly what makes this design work. It would seem that lie is being exposed.

Why Are We Always Satisfied With Mediocrity?

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