Sunday ride 7/26/15 TJE west

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Sunday, July 26. TJE trail west – Granville to Johnstown. Lin, Carol, Della, Bill, Kevin and Denny (no group picture in the rain. sorry)

Carol and I drove through a pop-up down-pour from New Albany to just short of Granville. At the Granville Trailhead, we all waited out a heavy shower which had followed us east. When the rain stopped, we headed west toward Johnstown on a very sloppy trail.
Lin announced that it was “a beautiful day” but I think she was referring less to the weather than to the fact that we were actually riding.
The humidity was high but the temperature not yet oppressive. My glasses fogged up a few times on the climb to Johnstown.
At the western terminus we headed for the service station for the usual reasons. Found that Klondike bars are good but melt rapidly.
On the run back to Granville, the skies were threatening but dry. When the sun did peek through, the trail became a sauna.
Back at trailhead we packed up and headed for the Brew Cafe in Granville for some good chow and of course, brew.
All in all, a good ride considering that we actually got to.
A word about the trail. The TJE west continues to suffer from some serious neglect. The trail surface is rough, most noticeable at speed on the downhill return run. My fairing mounted mirrors were useless. The trail was narrow to begin with but the western portion near Johnstown is nearly overgrown. I recommend that we downgrade this trail on our ride list from a C to a D.
I don’t yet know the condition of the TJE east (Granville to OSU & Newark) but I hope it is still a B. The Brew Cafe is a big plus.

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