Police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists. Hurrah!

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Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune Michael Bailey, 58, of Evanston, looks over paperwork given to him after he wasd pulled over by Highland Park police Sgt. Chris O’Neill (not pictured) for not stopping at a stop sign in Highland Park on Tuesday, July 28. Police in Highland Park, Deerfield, Lake Forest, Highwood and Bannockburn are on the lookout for cyclists who skirt traffic laws.


Great job! We need more of this! Just yesterday I had a woman and her male companion blow through the stop sign at Carlton and Illinois Streets in Wheaton. He was riding along the west side of the street and blew through the stop. She was following a ways behind. We were headed eastbound on  Illinois when a car pulled up from our right at the intersection and executed a full stop (heading north).

The woman at this point decided to squeeze in between the stopped automobile (on his right) and was about to roll through the stop when she noticed that we were already proceeding through the intersection after having stopped. She had to jam on her brakes.

Otherwise she would have hit us smack dab along the right side of our car. Stupid, stupid, stupid! But this is pretty much par for the course these days. I can only wonder what would have happened had the car that she squeezed by on the right had been ready to make a right turn?

Cyclists Are Among The Dumbest of the Dumb

We complain to high heavens about the behavior of motorists. But on any given day it is at intersections where cars are generally well-behaved that we get to show just how reckless we can be. And that is of course where nearly 90% of our collisions with automobiles take place. I wonder why?