A cyclist stops to poop, ends up starting wildfire

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The 73-acre blaze was named the "Hull Fire." (Photo: Boise Fire Department)

The 73-acre blaze was named the “Hull Fire.”
(Photo: Boise Fire Department)


You just know this story deserves a ‘lead-in‘. Let’s say that the rider had just finished ‘saving the world‘ by participating in the World Naked Bike Ride. And since bicycle riders are far more knowledgeable and sensitive to the ecosystems of the planet, they can have instincts which lead them to some pretty interesting outcomes.

You know this is the group that hates using motor vehicles unless of course they are delivering ice cold beer to their local pub. Or for that matter they are not too worried when their office fires up those heaters to warm the place in winter and air-condition it in summer.

Nope they have all that inconsistency under control. So then there is the matter of what to do when you need to ‘poop outdoors‘. Oh, yeah you burn the paper, right? Leave it to the mind of a bicyclist to not know this is dangerous and to not even be able to anticipate the possible outcomes.

God, save us from ourselves.