Wells Street Green Wave


Evidently the cameraman interrupted a possible red light runner at 1:34 in the video. I guess the idea of stopping behind the pedestrians crosswalk is not fashionable in the Urban Cycling Community. But think about this if there were pedestrians at that corner they and not the cyclist would have had the right-of-way.

Too often I watch as cyclists cross through the pedestrian crosswalk on a red light and slice right between them to get to the other side. Then they hold their bikes in a track stand before continuing through the intersection on the red.

The other interesting thing about this video are the number of cyclists who are passing on the outer edge of the bike lane (and on occasion going into the ‘traffic lane‘) to pass slower bicycle traffic. I thought that the major justification for being angry with others was that their actions often ‘forced you out into traffic‘. Evidently this is not as big a deal as some would have us believe.