Independence Weekend – Old Plank Road Trail Ride

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Breidert Green Commons was a ‘happening place‘ as we pulled into town. A Blues Singer was entertaining on stage. His guitar work was pretty good. Folks were walking up and down the sidewalk behind the gazebo and many were even riding their bikes.

Just outside the western edge of the Commons things thinned out a bit and we got underway in earnest. The ride west was pretty good given the fact that the temperatures were approaching 80°. By the time we reach Joliet to turn around it was getting rather warm.

The only real problem was trying to stop and take pictures. Mosquitoes descended from every direction and before you knew it you were lumpy with bites. So we kept moving and pedaling with determination to stay alive in the face of the mosquito onslaught.

By the time we returned the place was very quiet and the parking lot was almost empty. Riding through the Commons was a lady in her thirties who was enjoying her newly acquired ICE trike. She was clearly in love with it.

It was a good day and a very nice ride!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 23.3 miles
Time: 2h 37m 55s
Speed; 8.8 mph