The Banana – Transportation’s Future

Uploaded on Feb 26, 2010
July, 1986, KMOT-TV, Minot, ND – Don Harse of Atherns, Ohio was riding through Minot in his “human powered vehicle,” a modified bicycle frame encased in a yellow fiberglass shell. On his way to Vancouver, Canada for an exposition on human powered transportartion, Harse stopped to visit with curious crowds and a local television reporter. Harse averaged about 100 miles a day at about 20 miles per hour — on the flat stretches. I loved doing stories on people who like to experiment, create, innovate. The “garage inventor” was still alive and thriving in 1986. Transferred from 3/4 inch videotape via ADVC 300 and into iMovie HD. From Keith Darnay’s personal video collection.

A bit more anti-automobile propaganda for your viewing pleasure.