Finishing Exploration of Cal-Sag Trail

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Today was our second ride along the Cal-Sag Trail. I was reminded of some of the threads I have read of late about this trail:

Reply by Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams on Monday

The CBES crew rode the entire yet-built length of the Cal Sag Saturday.  Its a beautiful trail that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.  Worth the trip down south.

Reply by Chris C on Monday
Yep. I attended the ribbon cutting, biked the completed section, saw a tugboat pushing barges and photobombed some wedding pictures. All in all an awesome day.

Reply by Duppie on Monday
Have riiden it twice now.. I even saw a soaring bald eagle. Very nice, worth the ride out from the city

Riding along not only do you see eagles and herons but you can actually hear everything from crickets, flies, birds of all sorts and even see wildlife right beside the trail. And the building of this trail cost less than 1/5 th of the 606! And when it is done it will be more then 10 x the length of the 606.

Yet get all this goodness without having to worry about having bullets flying around your head or being mugged. Yes there were rollerbladers out today. They were polite and gave us space to venture past them. Yes, there were runners, people on scooters and we spotted two recumbent tandems and at least one recumbent trike. And no we did not have any problems negotiating the path in their presence.

It would seem that life altogether is a good deal different than that described at times by the Urban Cyclists In Chicago. Is there any compelling reason to have to live in fear and loathing of your neighbors? Why is it so very difficult for a trail like the 606 to accommodate those who wish to use it without their being at least verbal disparagement of modes of transportation you dislike.

We did encounter on lady on her cell phone who could have move closer to the edge of the trail but we and the on-coming traffic merely slowed down and passed one another in safety. She finally realized the problem she was causing and escorted her pooch a bit off the trail. All’s well that ends well.

The western terminus is still under development. Right now it dumps into a nature camp just off of Cal-Sag Road. But since the signs seem to indicate that the trail merges with the Centennial Trail I expect it to be lengthened sometime soon.

Topography Is Difficult To Judge

I read a report that seemed to suggest what my brain was telling me, the trail is downhill heading west and uphill on the return to Lake Katherine Nature Center. But my legs and the GPS unit seem to indicate that there is a fairly even amount of up and downhill in both directions.

So I judge this a neutral trail in terms of effort.

All they need in addition to the extended trail segments are washrooms and water fountains right on the trail itself. There are places all along where you can hop off and find ‘support’ but right now they are still putting the finishing touches to the roadway itself.

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Distance: 17.6 miles
Time: 1h 59m 13s
Speed: 8.8 mph