So Now That The ‘Too Expensive’ 606 Is Here…

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What did we learn in school today? Sharing!


Never in the history of mankind have so undeserving a few been so vocal. What gives?


Take a look at the costs of the two most recently minted bicycle trails. The cost of the entire Cal-Sag Trail (which is probably close to 10 times the length of the 606) will be less than the 2.7 mile long 606 park.

These facts are in a way indicative of what ails Chicago in most every aspect of its fiscal and governmental life. The place is haunted by ineptly run and financed services that even the so-called True Believers of the Church of Urban Cycling end up disliking.

And as if often the case they keep pointing to what the Pope of Bicycle Heaven already has in place as the guide for what they want and need.

Pedestrians and Cyclists Are Due For A ‘Trail Separation’ 

The very idea that the bicycle advocacy group for Chicago claims to also represent the needs of the pedestrian community is a bit comical. Clearly bicyclists have very little in common with pedestrians:

To listen to cyclists tell it, pedestrians are a nuisance to be avoided at all costs. And now we have rumblings that the 606 should have been redesigned to segregate pedestrians from the more important traffic on the 606, cyclists.

Frankly our disposition towards pedestrians is almost exactly akin to that displayed by impatient motorists with cyclists.

Nobody these days is into ‘sharing the road/trail‘. But the really dreadful insult is that with all that impatience in the air, we learn that when you build anything in the City of Chicago it is both outsized in terms of its cost and subject to being disliked by the very segment of the population that you created it for.

Who in their right mind would ever take the job of CDOT director? Does it pay enough to warrant the indignity of it all?