A Little Consistency In Your Arguments Would Be Helpful!

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Another way the city can re-earn revenue from the meters is by encouraging more people to use the smartphone app to pay for car parking as the city collects a portion of the service fee after a minimum amount. Photo: Mike Travis


I am beginning to believe that my description of the journalists of the StreetsBlog group as lapdogs is proving to be more apt than I might have imagined. It was just a few months ago that Steve was crying aloud that the only way to ‘fix‘ things in Chicago’s infrastructure was to remove automobile parking altogether. Or was I mistaken?

These knuckleheads have a ‘theory a day‘ that they put forth about TOD or whatever is the newest piece of BS that has come full blown from the minds of their idiot mentors.

But this piece today has me spinning. Now they want to add more parking meters (and presumably keep parking around to help pay for all that useless infrastructure that they want built.

But given the track record of the costs attributed to the 606 I am doubtful that the City of Chicago will ever be able to swindle enough motorists to keep cyclists happy and on their side.

Now who could this be about?

Now who could this be about?

Guys, before you reveal the depth of your depravity when it comes to saying whatever you think ‘your side‘ wants to have you write, please give some thought to its continuity. This piece is literally absurd.