In Search of the Overland Route to McDowell Woods

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On the way to search out a route to McDowell Woods, Connie spotted Calliou. We propped him up beside the trail so that his owner could better spot him when returning to find his beloved friend.

In St. James we stopped for a bit to ‘freshen up‘ a bit and then headed over to the Aurora Branch of the IPP. There is a branch just before the sign heading west that takes you south towards the junction where Galusha meets Cantigny.

Evidently the trail heading further south is out of commission on the eastern side of the river. So we turned back towards Fermi Road and headed into St. James and then over to Danada East for luncheon at the local Panera Bread.

The weather was simply marvelous!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 20.1 miles
Time: 3h 00m 04s
Speed: 6.7 mph