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A file photo from March shows Secretary of State John Kerry rides his bicycle along the shore of Lake Geneva after holding meetings with Iran’s Foreign Minister in Lausanne, Switzerland. The State Department confirms that Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle accident near the French-Swiss border today. Brian Snyder/AP

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has broken his leg in a bike crash outside of Geneva, the State Department has confirmed.

“Secretary Kerry broke his right femur in a bicycling accident this morning in Scionzier, France,” State Department spokesman John Kirby says.

“Given the injury is near the site of his prior hip surgery, he will return to Boston today to seek treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital with his doctor who did the prior surgery. The Secretary is stable and never lost consciousness, his injury is not life-threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery,” he said.

Kirby added that Kerry was in “good spirits and grateful to the French and Swiss authorities, doctors, and nurses who assisted him after the accident.”

Kerry has called off the rest of his four-nation diplomatic trip.

The crash occurred near near the Swiss border, not far from Geneva, where Kerry has been holding nuclear talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Kerry often takes bike rides while he’s traveling.

A physician and a paramedic were on the scene as part of Kerry’s motorcade, and the secretary of state was transported by helicopter to Geneva’s main hospital, where he was examined.

The Associated Press says:

A paramedic traveling with his motorcade immediately examined the secretary after his bike apparently hit a curb, causing the fall, Kirby said. …

Kerry had planned to travel later Sunday to Madrid for meetings with Spain’s king and prime minister, before spending two days in Paris for an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.


Immediately following the news of the injury to the Secretary of State it occurred to me that this story is somewhat ‘fishy‘. First of all bicyclists are notoriously certain about the fact that all accidents in which a motorist claims that ‘I didn’t see them!‘ when a cyclist is involved are simply excuses that have no weight. Everyone knows that all you have to do is ‘Just Look!

So I have a different theory about what really happened. Shhhh… Come closer to the your LCD and listen carefully…

This was an act of sabotage intended to make cycling look ‘dangerous‘! In fact while standing in line at the Starbucks here in Copenhagen I overheard a fellow who claims to have a site called Copenhagen-eyes say that it looks as if the image  of the Secretary of State had been Photoshop-ed.

Normally every head of state (and their cabinet ministers) who goes bicycling, rides sans any headgear. They have all taken to heart the idea that such added expense is likely to bring their national currency into default, so they avoid such things at all costs.

And look too at the outfit they have him wearing. Everyone knows that according to the BicyclingSheik website bright colors are definitely neither needed nor welcomed. We cyclists (especially) are really only comfortable dressed in high heels, billowing dresses and brightly colored lipstick (for the guys) and if members of the distaff side of things most ‘go butch‘.

So once again this entire store appears to be an attempt to discredit cycling. But what really caps off the obvious untruthfulness of the story is the fact that it is claimed that the Secretary of State hit a curb!

(image courtesy of DOT)

(image courtesy of DOT)

Egad! We cyclists are able to always , Just Look! In fact we like to offer this suggestion to any motorist who will listen.

We often complain that motorists do not look when exiting their vehicles and we (riding less than 3 feet away from said vehicles) get walloped. Why can’t they ‘just look‘? Our people are always ‘looking‘. To even think that when riding one of their upright bikes where ‘you can only see the ground‘ (because lifting your head strains your neck and besides your neck tattoos get wrinkled) you would ever hit a curb is unthinkable.

I am openly calling for the leaders of the Active Transportation Alliance to ‘call out‘ the obvious lying POCs who started this vicious rumor. And could you also amend your Vision Zero statement to put the world on notice that we will not be forced to wear hi-vis clothing, use reflective gear at night, turn on our front and rear lights and most certainly not don helmets.

Thanks! We do appreciate your invaluable leadership.