Bicycle Comfort Can Be Ephemeral

Background Reading



Urban Cyclists are a very interesting lot. They love to exhibit behaviors that are clearly prohibited by the Rules of the Road while at the same time trying to convince anyone who will listen that they need a 3-Feet Rule because they are afraid. Yet these same cyclists find it endearing to watch videos of their heroes who are riding amidst the buses and trucks on crowded city streets while gently caressing them with their finger-tips.

And as if that were not enough hitching a ride to the rear wheel well of a car is considered a great way to gain a bit of speed on empty streets. And better yet nobody stop for ‘stop signs‘ and everyone is eager to try to do an Idaho Two-Step when pressed for time or simply because they can.

Now along comes a lady who leaves the UK because of its car-centric culture to enmesh herself back into the Dutch cycling culture where she feels safe. But wait the Dutch are having fits because both electric-assist bicycles and now gasoline-powered motor scooters are all the rage in the Bike Lane!

It’s enough to make a person decide to shut up and just ride!