Memorial Day 2015 – Fox River Trail Toodle

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Rode from Batavia Police Station to St. Charles Sculpture Garden and back.

The trail was full of riders and dog walkers. We spotted one family of about six on bikes with the father leading the way with kids in a bugger. We met them twice as we criss-crossed the Fox River itself.

One the way out we were passed by a couple in bright yellow jerseys who were moving at a very good clip. She was in the lead as they flew past us just about the point where the trail passes the Geneva Windmill.

Then later as we were pulling into the Batavia Dining District they passed us again. This time I heard her before she passed me. She was riding a very nicely built electric bicycle. It was probably an e-assist model which means that she pedals and it adds power as needed.

They went up the side street heading east towards Fermi Lab with utter ease.

Fabyan Gardens was abuzz with baby geese and ducklings. There had to be several dozen in a group around the Eagle Statue on the west bank (just before crossing the bridge to the Windmill side of the Fox River.

Lots of families in the St. Charles Sculpture Garden taking advantage of the weather having cookouts. And as we were leaving the Stone Creek park where dozens of frisbee golf players were enjoying the day we passes a fellow on an Easy Racers Tour Easy who had crossed from the Sculpture Garden. Neat!

It was a fun day which had begun with showers that rained out a ride our bicycle club was doing to the Urban BBQ pit. Sometimes you simply have to ignore the weather altogether. It reminds me that in the past the club members would unfurl their riding ponchos and head out into all sorts of really nasty weather.

It all depends on your attitude. Lousy weather still makes great memories too!

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Distance: 10.7 miles
Time: 1h 35m 27s
Speed: 6.7 mph