When ‘Making A Statement’ Gets Tiresome

Background Reading





It is always startling to read that a committed member of the Urban Cycling Movement whose bicycle advocacy organization represents itself as the spokesman for cyclists, pedestrians and mass transit users should be so negative towards the latter.

The other things that is equally startling is the degree to which today’s cyclists are so very dependent on the presence of bike lanes. What on Earth would these poor souls have done when faced with none a scant twenty years ago? Poor things.

And nothing really rankles like having to read yet another missive regarding the overwhelming commonplace running of the red light and stop sign. I drove behind a cyclist to day who ran every single stop sign between Ashland and Ogden on his way west. Why?

What on Earth is so very important that it prevents cyclists from obeying the simplest of Rules of the Road? What pray tell is the reason then that those same cyclists ‘go ballistic’ when motorists park in the bike lane? Why do they spring to the phone to complain about someone else ‘breaking the rules‘ but want to council their peers to ‘calm down‘.

There is something terribly wrong when a group is so overwrought when motorists park in the bike lane but cannot find the will to follow the rules themselves. Seems kinda silly does it not?