Whalon Lake Loop Toodle

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Had breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe and then it was off to ride one of our favorite bike trails.

Parked at Whalon Lake and did a single circumnavigation to see if the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas were set up properly. They were stored for a year while we rode other bikes. My seat was too far forward so I stopped after the first loop and readjusted it following the changes I made late yesterday.

Then it was off towards downtown Naperville along the River Walk Trail. Saw Dr. Pardon and his wife as they passed us coming and going. Also spotted one high wheel recumbent (probably a Bacchetta) as a fellow and his spouse were heading out as we were pulling back in.

Plenty of birds today. This trail is marvelous for those who are Nature Lovers. Cut the ride short to get back to the van before heading out for a bite of late lunch.

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 17.5 miles
Time: 1h 57m 46s
Speed: 8.6 mph