Corn Fed : The Series

Mea Culpa

It is patently unfair to say that Urban Cyclists are drunk, tattooed and clearly not in need of a 3-Feet Rule from motorists. They are in essence afraid of cars to the point that the only way you can get most of them to ride in streets is to provide a nice safe bike lane.

I am sorry for having given you an impression that Urban Cyclists require anything other than our compassion. I am ‘out to make amends‘. Included is also a clip of Urban Cyclists from Mexico who like their U.S. counterparts want only to be left alone to quietly get from point A to point B.

What people like myself need to understand is that they are essentially ‘transportation cyclists‘ who rather than burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate are only interested in living a healthy life-style. We should all aspire to emulate their example.