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A four-wheeled bicycle with fabric body and auxiliary electric motor.

Cycling is good for the body, the environment and your wallet. But the bike has a couple of weaknesses: DCIM100GOPRO

  • it is uncomfortable
  • they have no protection from the weather
  • at longer distances, you need a shower afterwards
  • it is quite dangerous on slippery roads.

The solution to these problems is a four-wheeled recumbent bike with cloth body, suspension and auxiliary electric motor. The mini car solution makes it comfortable and the engine makes it fast and easy to cycle. The cost will be approximately 2,5eur /100km and emissions of CO 200 g / 100km, 94 times lower than a passenger car. The project’s aim is thus to develop and promote bike cars as an environmentally friendly, practical and inexpensive means of transportation. Now I search for people and organizations that want to become part of the project.


Here is the video of their product:

The Dutch like the Germans have a fairly long history with recumbent bicycles and velomobiles. Let’s hope they can both bring to market a good selection of affordable, well-engineered e-assist vehicles that can replace both the automobile and the primitive upright bicycle for intermediate distance travel.