Ostriches and Urban Cyclists Have Something In Common

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Oh my!

Oh my!


Attend TONIGHT’s, May 12, Sausalito City Council Meeting to Oppose Anti-Bike Policies!

City of Sausalito: Special City Council Meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 12

Meeting Starts: 7:00 PM (NOTE: bike parking/licensing item is at ~9:00 PM) City Hall, 420 Litho, Sausalito

At tonight’s, May 12, Sausalito City Council meeting, in an attempt to manage the high volume of visitors to the City by bike, the City Council is considering approving anti-bike policies that would have dramatic affect on ALL who bike within the City!

Actions currently under consideration by the City Council at tonight’s, May 12, meeting include:

  • Remove free bike racks in Downtown designated “No Bike Parking” district and prohibit bike parking except in paid parking areas only (proposed $5 per bike)
  • Require mandatory licensing of all bicycles operating within the City Issue citations and/or impound bicycles in non-compliance with #1 above (impound bike release fee of $100.00 and storage fee of $25.00 per day!)


  • Attend and speak at tonight’s, May 12, City Council meeting (for the first reading of the proposed ordinance) and urge the City Council to work directly with bike rental companies, MCBC and other stakeholders to help manage the impacts of bicycles and to resist taking draconian measures that will deter bicycling after significant strides have been made in Marin to encourage (not discourage) local trips by biking.
  • Attend and speak at next Tuesday’s, May 19, City Council meeting (for the 2nd and final reading of the proposed ordinance).
  • Email the City Manager, Adam Politzer, and City Councilmembers expressing your opposition to the proposed ordinance, urging a more collaborative, stakeholder involved process to help address the City’s concerns and needs. If you’re a Sausalito resident, be sure to mention it!
  • Paid bike parking and bicycle licensing requirements would be inconvenient, onerous, would deter the casual rider, and would open the door for harassment of people on bikes that have otherwise done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, cities throughout the State are removing mandatory licensing requirements due to their anti-bike nature and unsustainable costs of implementation and enforcement.
  • Attend tonight’s City Council meeting to voice your concerns and opposition to the proposed bike parking and licensing policies. The meeting agenda can be found here. Please RSVP to Alisha@marinbike.org if you can make the meeting.


Sorry folks! But as a cyclist your objections to entering the ‘real world‘ are a bit lame. Bike parking like automobile parking costs something. If nothing else the city has to pay for both the purchase and installation of those racks it provides. And then of course there is ongoing maintenance to the parking rack areas over time.

Why should the rest of the city pay for our use of public funds and not us? Yes paid bike parking and bicycle licensing might indeed be inconvenient, onerous and even deter casual riders. But that is life in the modern world.

I tell my tax guy each year that having to file is inconvenient and onerous but still the government keeps asking for money. As a motorist I really find the taxes per gallon of fuel onerous as well, put I pay it.

I suppose it never crosses the minds of cyclists that these sorts of things for motorists constitute anti-motoring activities? Well they do. But we as cyclists are ‘all over them‘ as tools to disarm the hated motorist and their so-called vehicles of death.

But since we too have managed to find ways to murder pedestrians trying to get across the street in cities across the nation, it is high time we had not only to ‘pay our way‘ but learn that ‘nothing in life is free‘.

So stop fighting the inevitable and find ways to seize the upper hand in the debate. Otherwise you are little more than pawns in the hands of the bicycle advocacy groups that use this sort of thing to raise yet more money.