If You Ride In The City You Need A Brompton

Why in this day and age are we still using stock bikes to ride to and from work? Why not get smart and ride a ‘folding bicycle‘? My preference is for a Brompton. But really any bicycle that can be brought indoors with you to work is the answer.

I know that some would argue this guy used the wrong ‘U Lock‘. But there is more to this than finding a 100-lb metal sculpture to keep your bike locked to a pole that itself can be easily removed. You need to think of your bicycle the way you would your coat or hat.

Bring the darn thing inside and let it warm up and not be subjected to winter weather, rain and harsh sun. Besides when you get that flat you can easily decide to fold up your Brompton and hop on the train or bus. And even then it pays not to have to remove it from a front rack on the bus where you could be run over by a bus driver who did not realize you were still trying to remove it.

Riding in the City is a tragic enough activity without making it worse by leaving your bike all alone during the day. I rode with a leather saddle and a cyclometer and even a GPS unit and lights. Having to remove all of these on a daily basis would be a ‘pain in the ass‘.

A Brompton allows me to have a briefcase mounted to the front and a rear rack with heavier stuff and still bring the bike indoors. I can even carry it with me into a grocery store to do my shopping. It’s a ‘no-brainer‘ folks!