Why Is $4.67 Too Much?

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Current Bikes-n-Roses GoFundMe Total

Current Bikes-n-Roses GoFundMe Total

There are some admitted 15,000 members of the Chicago ‘Whine and Jeez Club’ Bicycle Forum. That works out to $4.67 per person! Why is the total currently collected on $11,000? That works out to only $0.73 per person! In contrast with other GoFundMe campaigns to support Conservative causes, Liberals are pathetic.

Even if you consider the possibility of funding the entire $276,000 needed that still works out to only $18.40 per person!

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Conservatives supporting a pizza shop that refused to cater LGBT weddings raised this much in only 3 days

Liberals need to stop their whining and start digging into their ‘beer money‘ instead. There is no reason that this shop cannot become sustainable and wean itself off of the government feeding trough. All it takes is for cyclists who talk a good Liberal game to actually frequent the very establishments they want the general public to fund (but not themselves).

Why would the general public wish to fund a place like this if they do not ride bicycles? But Liberals who do should have no trouble making that a reality.

One More Thing

An enterprising young man has designed a nifty way to carry bottles of booze and beer on a bike. You can view the KickStarter page here.

What is my guess is that this project will gain its complete funding long before Bikes-n-Roses gets anything significant from the Liberals who claim to support it. Where folks are willing to put their money tells you far more than their tongues do when ranting about the mean old Governor of Illinois. My guess is we care far more about drinking alcohol and bringing it to biking gatherings than we really do about giving black-and-brown kids a chance at becoming skilled enough to hold down jobs.