Recumbent Cyclist Killed

Background Reading


The woman who hit and killed a Douglas cyclist in rural Otoe County earlier this month will not face criminal charges, the county attorney said Monday.

Otoe County Attorney David Partsch said he didn’t find a crime occurred after considering all the factors in the April 16 crash that killed David A. Zech, 58.

He was riding a recumbent tricycle on Spur 66A north of Douglas when he was hit by a minivan driven by 84-year-old Marilyn E. Brennan, also of Douglas.

Zech died later that day at a Lincoln hospital.

Partsch said he talked with other motorists who had encountered Zech and his trike on the road.

“They had encountered it on the road previously and had had trouble viewing it as well” even with the 8-foot flag extending from the back, he said.

“It just was not a safe place to be on that type of contraption,” he said.


Driving a vehicle whether it is a car or a bicycle takes skill that not everyone possesses in equal amounts. Being as visible as you can helps.