Canada Rules?

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Joint Base Lewis McChord Canada

Joint Base Lewis McChord Canada


An interesting read about the authors experience of riding in a land with no bike infrastructure but lots of ‘common sense‘. I wonder if it ever occurs to many that bike infrastructure is not the answer, but rather a change of heart when taking to the roadways?

I have the sense however that we are not about to keep plugging away at painting the town green and using all the PVC piping in North America. We Yanks are slaves to traffic furniture, whether it does any good or not.

There is a raging debate right now on the Chicago ‘Whine and Jeez’ Club Cycling Forum about infrastructure. Evidently it is still possible to rank bike infrastructure from worst to best in Chicago.

My first question is why would any infrastructure not make a street seem safe? After all we are hurrying to get more of this sort of thing. And if it is not working why then have we not stopped to analyze the problem?

There are two factors at work here:

  • We are convinced that infrastructure must be the solution so we cannot entertain thoughts otherwise.
  • We are worried that if we might not get all of Chicago painted and PVCed before the money runs out.

When you think about this it seems rather odd. It is largely because we have only one solution in mind and should it be a total disaster there really is nothing else that seems possible as a replacement. This is sad.