The Wiggle Referee


The debate over bicycling has ‘gone off the tracks‘. There are cartoons published by people like BikeyFace who routinely chide motorists for not obeying the Rules of the Road or not using commonsense when driving.


Heads Up – Swerve

But seldom do cyclists want to admit that they are guilty of similar behavior. It has come down to an us (bicycle riders) vs. them (automobile drivers) yelling match that shows signs of getting out of control.

The absurdity is that we as cyclists are openly admitting that we do not feel obeying certain Rules of the Road are applicable to us. As the fellow in the video says, ‘stop signs are for automobiles and not bicycles‘.

We have gone from wanting to be ‘intended and implied users of the roadway‘ to once having gained those privileges wanting to change the rules of the game at halftime. That is nonsense on so many levels.

When it comes to sheer numbers we are simply unable to sway public opinion. We want to have red light cameras installed but are unwilling to ourselves obey red lights simply because there is no penalty for having done so.

Short of having facial recognition applied we are anonymous when riding a bicycle. That is one reason we need to have either a visible license plate (in the manner of motorcycles and motor scooters) or a transponder (like those used in open road tolling situations).

That one change would force bicyclists to at least consider whether or not they wish to do the one thing they loathe the most, pay for anything.