Wait… Did He Just Say That?

Background Reading

The Chicago ‘Whine and Jeez’ Club Cycling Forum just had one respondent say essentially the following during another round of nauseating Drama Queen activity over the proposed relocation of the accursed Kinzie PBL:

I am skeptical about the relocation route on Grand Avenue. It is a one-way street for that portion of its length between Navy Pier and Wells. This sounds like the route taken by buses visiting the Pier. That would take you onto Illinois Street.

Illinois is busy at most times of day. Along its length are parking lots that threaten the effectiveness of a bike lane.

Busses along make this stretch very unsafe. But add to this the pollution they cause (something we go out of our way to avoid) and you can see that being caught behind one of these on a bike is a real torment.



Wow! Did I just read that bicyclists are disgusted by and feel unsafe around buses? But it was my understanding that groups like Active Transportation Alliance were all about the representation of the users of bicycles, sidewalks and mass transit!

Why would an advocacy group be espousing a mode of transportation that competes with automobiles when it comes to danger and pollution? Somebody get the ‘spin doctor‘.