Cyclists and Pedestrians Come Together In Mutual Respect

The curious thing about this video is that it was made by the cyclist himself. And as one might expect when a bicyclist makes a ‘mistake‘ all heck breaks loose. Why would he ride along a path intended solely for pedestrians and is marked as such?

If this were a situation where a motorist was driving in the bike lane how would this video play out? Would cyclists react in the same manner?

Are not cyclists and pedestrians ‘joined at the hip‘ in their battle to secure safer streets and great funding? So why is this movie even being made? It does not appear to me that cyclists and pedestrians have any greater love or respect for one another than do motorists and cyclists.

But hey, being out in the sunshine is such a great way to spend and afternoon. This should probably be the next great fundraising video for Active Transportation Alliance in its quest for yet more members and financial supporters.