Because ‘Critical Mass’ Has So Much To Teach Us

Once a month bicyclists get together to show love and compassion to pedestrians and motorists alike. These Love Fests are known as Critical Mass. They are the Church of Urban Cycling’s version of Communion. Quite often the pedestrians and motorists who witness these events break out in a joyous chorus of Kumbaya.

Most of the non-cyclists who witness these events are in favor of having the ride leaders put up for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is a wonderful way to spread the love and joy of cycling in such a way that even motorists are sure to want to take up cycling as well.

Published on Apr 17, 2015
Critical Mass is a customary procession, has no planned route and no leaders. Critical Mass‘ lead always stop at red lights. Corking (holding the traffic at junctions) is only used in order to keep the Mass together and allow a quicker pass of the group. Trying to force your way through or starting an argument because of that, will not make your or everyone’s journey quicker. Please be patient.
0:15 Calm Down
2:22 Why Do You Care?
4:04 He Told Me To Go
5:28 Follow Me
7:51 Beeeeeeeeep!!!!
9:14 ITSU “We are here with a purpose”
9:42 Don’t Point That On My Face