A Lovely Ride Into Work With Companion Cyclists

No doubt this should be the trailer for the Bike 2 Work or Bike 2 School week promotions. Lots of people are sitting on the fence about whether to commuter to work or school by bicycle. This is the sort of video that could convince them to get on their bikes and enjoy the summer and spring months in companionable silence with their fellow cyclists.

There is nothing like a ride into work or the classroom to get you in the mood to tackle challenges for the day.

Published on May 20, 2014
If you overtake me and slow down, i’m going to catch you up and I may sit on your wheel for a second.

If you don’t like people sucking on your wheel, then don’t overtake them and slow down.

I found the rider on strava, and looked at his data, it clearly shows that he increased his speed when I passed him at catford, and wasn’t able to hold on. And he says I’m not a strong rider?!

Why wheel suck? The rider behind, if close enough (which I never was) can save upto 30% in energy because they aren’t taking the wind.

There is an obvious reason as to why some people don’t like people wheel sucking, and that is because you are close to the rider in front and if there is any sudden breaking then the rider behind may go into the rider in front. I’m not that close throughout this.