Where Would You Park These Bikes? They Take Up As Much Room As Cars

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This cargo bike transporting a cargo bike got a lot of attention on Twitter!

This cargo bike transporting a cargo bike got a lot of attention on Twitter!

Last Sunday, 19 April, I visited the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. That was the closing day of the fourth edition of this annual festival. The ICBF in Nijmegen is the biggest platform for cargo bikes and cycle logistics in the world. The festival is organised by Jos Sluijsmans of Fietsdiensten.nl. On Saturday there had been a conference, that was attended by people from 17 different countries. All professionals in the field of cargo deliveries by bicycle. They had come together to exchange their innovative ideas and to present their products. The list of companies included multinationals such as DHL and UPS.


Like velomobiles, cargo bikes put the lie to the notion that parking is at a premium solely because of autos. Sidewalks in most cities could not handle a dozen or so of these bikes at once. You could have to park them in the street. And that is essentially what happens with autos, right?

I still want to know why BikeShare bikes are not using cargo bikes to do their ‘load balancing‘? With all the whining that goes on about the use of motor vehicles, why would BikeShare not use cargo bikes? Or is it that motor vehicles are the only really practical means of getting the bikes from one side of town to another. If so, then we have proof that the War on Cars is bollocks.