Heart Of Ohio Trail (HOOT)

Carol and I took advantage of the lovely weather on Saturday to check out the Hoot with Jack and Kathy. Jack is getting his recumbent legs on
a classic USS LWB Infinity. Kathy’s wrists and neck are telling her that she needs a recumbent too.

We trailheaded at Centennial Park in Centerburg and rode to Mt. Vernon for a 26 mile round trip. It’s a lovely trail but definitely tilted. The return
trip was a near steady grade back up to the SR36 crossing near Centerburg. Think of the Granville to Johnstown grade but longer.

The trail is complete from Centerburg to Ariel Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon but for about 15 yards of gravel at the RR crossing just before the
train station. It’s an easy portage but the train station is empty and locked. It will probably remain so until the RR crossing issue is resolved and
the trail is officially open. Facilities are available at the convenience store across the street.