Next Time You’re Tempted To Think…

  • That the Mayor moved those bike racks on Navy Pier just to spite you
  • That anyone can see what’s right in front of them, so why did you hit an 8×10 inch rock and do a face plant
  • The the cops are bike-haters because you got a $250 ticket for using the sidewalk along Michigan Avenue
  • That you can write a meaningful article in StreetsBlog about why sidewalk riding is not such a big deal, right after you wrote one against cars in the bike lane
  • That you want a Progressive mayor in the city but everyone hailing to that description hates Red Light Cameras
  • That riding with reflective paint or clothes, brightly colored clothing, front and rear lights are a conspiracy to rob you of your legal rights
  • That anyone who thinks holding a vigil in court to insure that your good friend’s death by a drunk driver means justice, should be honored by not having a beer bash

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