Amsterdamize loves Revolights and you will too

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© Amsterdamize

© Amsterdamize

I’ll come right out with it: Amsterdamize loves Revolights. And I don’t use that word lightly.

A (much) long(er) story short: I’ve been riding my single speed year-round, good weather, bad weather. I’m a serious guy when it comes to quality and durability, so here it is: Revolights deliver the thrills, the functionality, the joy and the safety, and they’re incredibly dependable. Having tested this extraordinary set of lights, this mindblowing system, I can safely confirm it really is ‘the safest bicycle light system in the world’. Not only did I notice the huge difference in interactions in traffic, a countless number of people (strangers) assured me how awesomely obvious and present the lights are and cops on motorbikes and in cars gave me many thumbs up or actually stopped me….to say: “Finally! Now THOSE are bike lights!”. I kid you not.

The best part? Riding around town at night and hearing the ‘ooooooohs’, ‘aaaaaahs’ and “Damn, I **** want those!!!” whenever I’d turn my head. Or literally getting chased after by fellow-Amsterdammers (and they usually don’t blink an eye when it comes to bikes) and tourists alike, either by foot or on two wheels, be they young, be they old, out of breath or just waiting for me to finish my lap in Vondelpark, they all couldn’t believe their eyes. Some thought it was a DIY project, but most didn’t hesitate one bit and SERIOUSLY needed to know where they could buy them and assumed they would be too costly. Let’s just say I made a lot of people smile even more. Many of those chases ended up in great conversations and connections, too.


Even the Dutch like bicycle lights. They too recognize that being visible at night is important. It is great to realize that at least one corner of Bicycle Heaven still has its lights (and brains) turned on!