A Long Hard Winter Is Over…

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“We had a long winter and people are itching to get outside again,” Amelia Kegel with Wheel & Sprocket said.

The Bike Expo featured 2,000 bikes to choose from — from road bikes to mountain bikes.

Those looking for the perfect bike had help from technology that utilizes infrared LED lights to capture your movements as you ride to find the bike that fits you best.
Once riders found that perfect bike, it was time to think about accessories — like a bright, flashing light that can be visible up to a mile away.

“You`ll want to have a red blinking light on the back of your bike and a white blinking light on the front,” Kegel said.

Because whether it’s a commute to the farmer’s market or to work, or simply a leisurely ride to relax, safety should always be a priority.

“What that means is stop at a stop sign. Stop at red lights. Obey the same rules as the road,” Kegel said.

It is also good to wear bright, reflective clothing when you ride.

“Every pop of color that you can have against traffic is really going to help you out. So be bright. Be safe. Be loud. Be out there. Be a proud cyclist,” Kegel said.


License All rights reserved by BikePortland.org

License All rights reserved by BikePortland.org

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