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Heavily overcast day began with a ride from the South Shore Cultural Center to Sydney Marovitz Golf Course and back. Lots of interesting changes taking place along the Chicago Lakefront Trail.

The Navy Pier Flyover is underway. We rode through the rerouted sections of the trail. It was a bit of a nightmare. Avoid this section if possible. In fact the limestone pieces along the beach just beyond the Olive Park area are torn up enough that you really do need to dismount and walk your bike.

There is another really gnarly section just around the Theater on the Lake building. Again it is advised to walk the bike.

On the way back we got a few drops of rain. At the Belmont Harbor parking lot we came across a skateboarding Bulldog I had seen before on YouTube. He is a real ham! But it was fun to watch him do his thing and after I stopped filming he came up to a very young girl and played with her and his handler.

Great fun! (

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Distance: 32.8 miles
Time: 4:11:54 time
Speed: 7.8 mph