Some Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure That Does Not Measure Up?

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The bicycle roundabout that shouldn’t have been built.

The bicycle roundabout that shouldn’t have been built.


The article begins:

Some weeks ago I cycled just 7 kilometres to the subject of this post. It was nice that going there didn’t involve a three-hour train journey first. Since I had read a lot about this ‘bicycle roundabout’ during construction, I had high expectations. It was a very sunny day but there was an ice-cold wind and that gave a wind chill of minus 5 degrees Celsius. That cold hadn’t hit me as hard as the bicycle roundabout did though. What a disappointment!

I understand the feeling of seeing something that costs a great deal to build and yet lacks so much in terms of design. Why does this sort of thing get built? Where are the folks who keep asking for donations to push through bicycle infrastructure when you decide to complain? Usually they are sitting at their desks counting their latest cash haul pushing the next thing to come down the pipeline. Meanwhile cyclists are disappointed and in some cases perhaps disillusioned and the hucksters and the politicians keep getting fatter. Bummer!