Red Light Cameras Are One More Act of Black Suppression

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Cities Are Trying To Balance Their Budgets On The Backs of the Poor



What StreetsBlog and Active Transportation Alliance fail to understand is that black-and-brown peoples of the City of Chicago are more than tired of being made the targets of repressive parking fines, red light cameras and even speed cameras. It is not that these folks do not wish to obey they law, they are simply tired of having the system manipulated (as was demonstrated by the Chicago Tribune) to simply bring in more money.

It is bad enough that we suffer the highest unemployment rates in the city. But the problem is compounded by ‘elites‘ who see nothing wrong with allowing this disturbing practice to continue. Meanwhile they ride through stop signs and red lights on their bicycles knowing full well that in the absence of license plate identification the city is powerless to bring them to justice.

This is patently unfair and is tantamount to the kinds of behavior encountered during the Apartheid regime in South Africa. And still these lapdogs are trying to sell this practice as part of the transportation equity stratagem. Yeah, right!

The last time I heard anything so patently unbelievable was when the Ku Klux Klan tried enforcing pole taxes. Take you racist strategies and financial ploys back to the Jim Crow Era where they belong.