More Lights On Bicycles? Heavens, NO!

Background Reading



The title is written in both jest and scorn for the way in which some self-proclaimed bicycle advocates like the Pope of Bicycle Heaven tried to hijack a common sense approach to ‘safety‘ by turning goodwill gestures on their heads.

When a car company distributes reflective paint that helps make cyclists visible in the dark, these knuckleheads have decided that this is somehow another example of motorists and the manufacturers who support them trying to ‘box cyclists into a corner’ where they alone bear the responsibility for their safety.

That is a sign that some of us cyclists need to get tested for STDs and possible brain injury due to syphilis and the like. Being safe is everybody’s challenge. I cannot imagine that the automobile industry would turn aside the ‘invention‘ of something that made them safer, just because the person who came up with the idea was a bicyclist.

As for state and local governments attempting to deal with the known and well-established problem of cyclist visibility, ‘get over it‘. There are lots of really Hard Left individuals who have already and will continue to persist in infiltrating the Cycling Movement with some awful ideas.

Case in point would be the Wiccan-inspired celebration known as the World Naked Bike Ride. This is what you get when two movements are conflated. But why anyone would fall for this ploy is beyond me. But here we are riding with our junk hanging out and complaining that someone is trying to help us become more visible and claiming that its all a ploy from those evil people who drive cars.

Really? Something is rotting our minds. When you hear someone telling you that using a helmet is the wrong this to do, stop and stare at them for a very long time and then quiet say ‘thanks‘ before riding slowly away. You just encountered a person with some sort of brain disease.

The same reaction applies when you hear someone tell you that it is somehow wrong to wear brightly colored clothing while riding your bicycle. Really? I just did a ride this weekend where half the ‘roadies‘ cruising along the Fox River Trail were dressed in very bright orange and yellow clothing.

Even the folks out on the river in kayaks were using bright clothing and equally brightly colored paddles. I guess that the insidious automobile makers have co-opted that sport as well? And it is undeniable that all those highway workers and even the police have caved in, right?

The silliness that surrounds much of the Cycling Movement is breathtaking. But I guess when you are a failure at some aspects of life you turn to any movement you can find to see if being a ‘big cheese‘ there might help make you feel better. And perhaps bringing lunacy to a situation of your idea of ‘change‘.

I dunno. When I hear people talking nonsense I reach slowly for my wallet to make sure that they are not trying to lift it from me and stare at them in as benign a manner as possible and say ‘thanks‘ before riding away slowly to get clear of the zone of infection.

Now if we could just find something that you could offer to these knuckleheads that seemed to either be cologne or perfume but would help cure them of their insanity that would be doing the world a favor.

The Laws Need To Catch Up

Cyclists are difficult to see when what they wear and how they are lighted is not garish enough. The professionals have been riding around in brightly colored kits for forever. Touring cyclists have been getting all their gear from places like Adventure Cycling for nearly as long.

And my experience is that even urban cyclists could take a page from their play books. But for some reason this one area of the cycling landscape is most resistant to common sense approaches. Why is difficult to say. But the most strident voices seem to come from this one corner of things.

What would help the cycling industry is to know that they could count on having a steady flow of bicyclists who want to get reflective gear and lighting. In addition it would help if they could sell clothing that was brightly colored in a tasteful manner. That would help keep bike shops afloat who make most of their money on accessories and clothing.

But I am certain that many of the Hard Left would find some way to follow the lead of the Pope of Bicycle Heaven and cry foul on the automobile industry. Such stupid, stupid stuff. You only have to follow the well-dressed touring motorcyclists to know that lights and brightly colored rain gear are all the rage. Even those who use motor scooters for longer trips have clothing that is both waterproof and colorful.

Why? Because they are more visible. Even Trek has gotten into the act with their daytime rear lights from the Bontrager section of their business. But hey, I suppose it is possible that someone has infiltrate this bicycling giant to warp their minds, right?

Watch as I stare politely into your face and say ‘thanks‘. Now follow me with your eyes as I ride slowly away from you to find the no infection zone that must surely be a city block or two away.

Sheesh! God save us from cyclists who have not got a clue!