GWNN ride report 4/5/15

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Sunday, April 5th. Alum Creek Trail North. 23 miles.

The Alum Creek Trail remains one of the GWNN favorites. Later in the season much of the trail will be through a green tunnel. Nice on hot mid-summer days. The foliage is still absent and the woods remain decidedly brown but the sun was bright and the winter chill missing. It was a “beautiful day”. Lin said so!

We rode down to Easton to inspect the new bridge and trail segment that will connect to the boardwalk and 2.5 mile finished trail through Innes Park and on down to the Brittany Hills Trailhead just north of Valleydale Ballroom. The bridge and trail were unfinished but with an aerial portage, we persevered. For most of us, this was a first ride on this segment.

Pretty good turnout for a holiday. Aside from the usual suspects, Kathy and Kate Shipley joined us for the ride. Kathy is a TTN member and her niece Kate is in training to ride Pelotonia (all 180 miles!) this year.

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