Fox River Trail – Easter Toodle 2015

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We parked at the Windmill Park across from the Fabyan Zoo and Gardens. There is a MeetUp group that gathers here during the mornings to hike along the Fox River Trail. The group was probably in the 2 dozen range in terms of attendees. One of them had a young girl along who was riding towards us on a nice pink ride as we unpacked out Easy Racers Tour Easys.

We headed north along the east side of the river towards the Island Park in Geneva. The Mill Race Inn building is closed now. Shodden bought the property and is supposed to be redeveloping it. I made a few images of the bridge just below the island and some of the sculptures on it.

We took the trail all the way up to Sculpture Park in St. Charles. A couple on touring bikes (loaded with sleeping gear) passed us just before we crossed the bridge to the garden. We stopped in the park to use their bathrooms and then headed south to cross the street that leads into the Frisbee Park. Lots of players were out carrying bags and in teams.

We left the park and headed further south before crossing the Fox River at the bridge we had passed earlier. By the time we reached the car we had about 6 miles under our belts. We made the decision to ride to the Batavia Police Department to use their bathrooms before continuing on further south to Illinois Street along the west side of the Fox River.

On the way there I spotted a three wheel car. It was a blue affair about the side of a VW Golf and looking rather sporty. We continued on and turned around where the trail got rather messy because of bridge construction being done.

By the time we had reached Harner’s Restaurant parking lot we crossed over to the east side of the River and continued up the steep climb to the Nature Preserve. Lots of new paved trails and a rather nifty looking nature observation area. There was even a new boardwalk out across the cattails.

Back again in Batavia we made one last bathroom stop before returning to the west side of the River and reaching our vehicle. We made a quick stop at the Panera in Batavia but it was already closed. So we headed home to Danada Square to the Panera there.

My knees need some additional miles. The climbing along the east side of the Fox River really taxed the ligaments.

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Distance: 22.2 miles
Time: 3:09:44 time
Speed: 6.9 mph