Traveling Beith Road West to AirPort Road and Beyond


We stopped at The Bike Rack in St. Charles to check on the availability of the Bontrager Flare 3 taillight. Hal Honeyman reported that the one to buy (for daylight riding was the Flare R). He had sold out this week following the release of the video from Trek:

We decided to wait and see this more powerful edition to the line. Meanwhile we followed Campton Hills Road out to its western terminus and then headed south to Beith Road.

Taking it west to AirPort Road has long been a leisurely route that passes through Maple Park where a Community Center provides access to washrooms. Then a jog outside town to continue the way west.

Peace Road in the town of DeKalb, which is home to Northern Illinois University is a bit further west. We decided to head into town and dine at the local Chipotle. But not before stopping to capture a mural I had seen on our last trip here.

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